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PK-EVP Experiment

The purpose of this experiment is to determine the potential origins of EVPs. As most paranormal investigators know, EVP – Electronic Voice Phenomena – is the occurrence of sounds or voices on an audio recording which were not produced by known means. Often times these sounds or voices were not heard with the unaided physical ear of the participants during the time of the recording. This suggests the possibility that the voices or sounds were produced directly on the recording device via telekinesis, or were audible outside the range of human hearing, possibly produced by telekinetic manipulation of sound waves.

Telekinesis has been associated with hauntings as the means through which a disincarnate spirit might affect his environment. This experiment will take that hypothesis and take the next step. If a spirit outside of a physical body can produce EVPs, it seems logical that the same spirit would have had the same ability while still incarnate.

Some EVP evidence seems to support the notion that living individuals can produce genuine EVP via paranormal means. Some paranormal researchers have noticed EVPs that verbalized what they were thinking. EVPs that repeat what was spoken are also possible examples of EVPs that might have been created by the thoughts of the living participants. Our PK-EVP experiment is designed to help determine if the living (essentially spirits with a body) have the same abilities as those spirits who no longer have a physical body.

For the purpose of these experiments it is presumed that life after death is a fact and that EVPs are in fact a real phenomena produced through unknown paranormal means. Both presumptions are already strongly supported by the data collected by countless paranormal researchers. As in psionic research, the participants in this experiment will be grouped based on their beliefs regarding the phenomena as determined by a participant questionnaire.

To reduce the potential of actual ghost generated EVPs, participants are encouraged to choose quiet locations without reported ghost activity and to hold the intention of recording their own thoughts, rather than the intention of recording ghost voices. Outside that requirement, participants are asked to perform the EVP sessions as they normally would. (Such as question and answer sessions, EVP baiting, monitoring equipment, white noise generators, ect.) Participants should review the sessions as they normally would to look for EVPs. Participants are asked to mail a copy of the entire raw sessions, any EVPs they recorded and notes on how the audio was adjusted (if at all) to detect the EVP, the EVP session questionnaire and the participant questionnaire to the address on out contact page. Participants are asked to attempt at least 5 EVP sessions, but more are acceptable and encouraged. All information should be sent, even if no EVPs were detected.