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PK-EVP Participant Questionaire

Name:__________________________ (names and contact information will be kept confidential)
E-mail: ______________________________

1) Select the statement that most closely applies to you:
a) Either I have never tried to record EVPs before, or I have only tried a very few times and did not record any EVPs.
b) I have tried at least several times to record EVPs, but I have very rarely recorded EVPs (less than 25% of the time.)
c) I have tried at least several times to record EVPs, and I have often recorded EVPs (more than 25% of the time.)

2) I have recorded EVPs that seemed to repeat what was already spoken aloud. True or False.

3) I have recorded EVPs that seemed to say what I was thinking, or said what I, or someone else later actually spoke. True or False.

4) During EVP sessions, I keep my mind silent and listen carefully. True or False.

5) During EVP sessions, I think about the questions and what the spirits might say. True or False.

6) During EVP sessions, I am monitoring equipment or otherwise focused on things other than what the recorder might be picking up. True or False.

7) I am mainly interested in afterlife and ghost phenomena and, while I may be interested in psi phenomena (such as PK or telepathy), my interest in those topics is nowhere near as strong as it is for ghost phenomenon. True or False.

8) Genuine EVPs are more likely produced by spirits than by any other means. True or False.

9) I think if some EVPs are shown to be produced by living people through some telepathic or PK method, it will hurt the credibility of ghost research. True or False.

10) I think that even if I intend for the recording to only pick up my thoughts, a ghost may use the opportunity to speak. True or False.

11) I mainly record EVPs to communicate with loved ones I have lost. True or False.

12) I think it is not likely that living people can produce genuine EVP psychically. True or False.

13) I think most EVPs are radio signals, voices of living people nearby or the result of some other normal explaination. True or False.

14) I have witnesses a PK event before. True or False.

15) I have had a dream that came true. True or False.

16) I have felt someone touch me when no one was around. True or False.

17) I’m pretty sure I have experienced telepathy at least once. True or False.

18) On occasion I have felt someone, possibly a spirit, was nearby. True or False.

19) I have picked up readings on electrical devices that might have indicated the presence of a ghost. True or False.

20) At least once I have heard a sound or voice with my own ears which might have been a ghost. True or False.

21) During ghost hunts I have sometimes had batteries die quickly or other electrical problems. True or False.

22) I have experienced psychic phenomena first hand. True or False.

23) I think I might have seen a ghost (shadow person, mist, ect). True or False.

24) In general, I sometimes seem to have trouble with electrical equipment that fails or performs unusually, more so than other people. True or False.

25) Once, I dreamed that a loved one who had died came and visited me. True or False.

26) In a reportedly haunted location I have experienced unexplained cold or heat. True or False.

27) I meditate or pray deeply at least once a week. True or False.

28) I meditate or pray deeply before EVP sessions. True or False.

29) I have had more than one lucid dream in my life. True or False.

30) I concentrate during EVP sessions. True or False.

31) I exercise regularly. True or False.

32) I use the white light or other aura techniques sometimes. True or False.

33) I use the white light or other aura techniques during EVP sessions. True or False.

34) I know how to raise my energy level and/or do other types of energy work. True or False.

35) I try to do EVP sessions when I have high energy levels because I think that helps. True or False.

36) I feel hopeful and excited during EVP sessions.True or False.


Participants can mail or e-mail the form to us using the information on the contact page.
Please have all participants in your EVP sessions fill out this form.