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PK-EVP Experiment
PK-EVP Participant Questionaire
PK-EVP Session Form
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PK-EVP Session Form

Session Date: ________________
Session Time: ________________

List the names of all the participants present during the EVP session:

Please make a note of the location of the session: (example: "At home, in the basement." or "At the picnic table in Metro Park")

Please describe your EVP session in detail:

Please compare this session to EVP sessions you have performed in the past when attempting to record ghost voices. How was this session similiar? How was it different? Please be as specific as possible.

When you reviewed the session, did you discover any EVPs? Please note the time of the EVP (example: 2 minutes, 15 seconds in to the recording). Can you determine what was said? What do you think it says? Do you or any other participant present during the recording recall thinking that during the session?

If you used other equipment, such as a temperature detector or EMF detector, did you record any unusual readings during the session? Please describe.

Please add any other comments you would like to include:

Send in the material: Please remember to have everyone who participated in the session fill out a participant form (one per person). Send a session form for each EVP session you perform. Include a copy of the raw, unaltered audio recording. If you found an EVP. please include the copy of that recording and note where it was in the session and what alterations, if any, you made to detect the EVP.



Please fill out this form for each EVP session you record.

Don't Forget...

Please snail-mail a copy of your audio session to the address on our contact page, even if you didn't record an EVP.

Have a question on how to record an EVP session?  Contact us!